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Fulvio Maiano

Justine Mattera

Pal Lang ( Stylist
Lorenzo Zavatta Hair & Makeup )

Justine Elizabeth Mattera is an Actress, Singer and performer born and raised in Queens. She loved studying and sports primarily swimming which enabled her to travel through the country for the championship races. In 1989 she was accepted to Stanford University on scholarship and became member of both the Varsity Women's Crew and Varsity Syncronized Swimming teams. Majoring in English and Italian literature, she jumped at the opportunity to study at the Stanford campus in Florence, Italy her junior year. She posed for Playboy's Girls  in 1993 and following her graduation she decided to use the money from her shoot to return to Italy. The following year she cut a hit record with a famous dj(Joe T. Vannelli, Feel It) which went to number 2 on the Italian Charts, and began working for the Italian television as a Marilyn Montoe Impersonator. The show "Ci Vediamo in TV” was a big hit airing daily for 6 years. Justine covered leading roles in different musicals ”Victor/Victoria”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Some like it Hot” all successful with long Italian tours. Currently residing in Milan with her husband and two children she hosts a show on TV Sky Channel called "Traveling with Justine."

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