Frontière - Martial Lenoir
By Martial Lenoir
Size : 80
 x 120 cm
Signed print
Price : 1900 euros 
Authenticity : The work is signed and will be sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, at the front or back of the work or on the certificate submitted with the work. The prints are made by the photographers themselves or taken under control by a professional laboratory. 
Delivery : The fine art prints will be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks after the order.
Portrait of the artist :  Martial Lenoir, photographer, was born in 1971 and is currently living and working in Paris. He has just recently left his studio in Pantin, located in a vast industrial wasteland, a place branded to the character. He has discovered photography at the age of thirty, «by accident», and has acquired his first camera, a Mamiya RB 67 which he will never let go of. His first three series, «The Lodge Rats» for which he has won an award at the European festival of Nude Photography in Arles in 2009), «The Garçonnes» and «Reflections of Disorder” are in-depth and carefully designed minimalists mise en scène where the boudoir aesthetic has been intensified. The model is naked, wearing corsets, boas, pearls and garters, flaunting a delicate and active pose. In Martial’s work, models never smile, beauty is cold, gauzy, icy, so as to link solitude with introspection, in the manner of his light: constantly natural.

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