Lady with her golden toys - Golden Room - Hans Withoos

Lady with her golden toys - Golden Room

By Hans Withoos
Size : 80
 x 228 cm
Signed print 2014
Price : 6800 euros 
Limited to 7 copies 
Authenticity : The work is signed and will be sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, at the front or back of the work or on the certificate submitted with the work. The prints are made by the photographers themselves or taken under control by a professional laboratory. 
Delivery : The fine art prints will be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks after the order.
Portrait of the artist :  Hans Withoos’ career spans more than twenty years, during which he combined his commissioned work with his own projects. After graduating from the Arts Academy, he started a firm with Jolanda Cats, specializing in fashion, photography and commercial video. Their clients range from large corporations to non-profit organizations. Although highly successful in his commercial and international fashion work, he also is prolific in his independent work, making many photography series over the years, mostly situated in romantic and highly recognizable sites and cities around the world. Hans Withoos’ photography is set in the world of abundance and artifice-- the smell of decadence wafting towards the viewer. It is a world that is both familiar and different. In Withoos’ exaggerated scenes, the figures crowding the images become archetypes, and the viewer is overcome by a sense of alienation. The work is full of layered, staged images with idiosyncratic aesthetics. At times, the photographs evoke emotions related to suffering, sensuality and hidden oppressiveness; at other times, the images depict the complete opposite and are deliberately emotionless. Hans is a true storyteller. Sometimes his story is already carefully crafted, but often times it grows as an organism. Most of the stories he tells have a romantic veneer to them, but underneath the façade lies a gritty theme. His images don’t aim to show any particular critical perspective but, rather, they leave it up to the viewers to make their own interpretations.

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