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Aaron Hawks is an American artist who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. His influences are the French Surrealist movement, the Hollywood film noir genre, and Seattle’s 90s music. With him, there is no glamour, no glitz, just the rawness of a shot: the closer you look, the more one of his models will reveal herself to you. The models he chooses are unique women that he stages without being tainted by the fashion industry’s dictates and the media frenzy. They are simple, ordinary beauties. In an off-beat and erotically fetishist universe, his muses move, leading the way for the rest of the world to follow. His are more than photographs: they are living tableaus narrating their peculiar story, and his own. One can feel the sexual tension in his black decor, fuelled with loneliness. He is both the voyeur and the exhibitionist. His women evolve in a burlesque world and he takes us past the conscious; he pushes the dream beyond its limits, between mesmerism and hypnosis, as in a Murnau film. Out of his photographs emanates a refined erotic tension, surgically dissected with a venomous scalpel. Aaron’s scene composition is fetishist, unconventional and exacerbated. Though disturbing at times, his work reveals many aesthetic qualities and a profound sense of dramatization. His universe may be out of whack, but it’s never twisted.



“Beauty can be found everywhere, and the one that particularly attracts me can be found in the contradiction between strength and vulnerability. Traditional beauty is a shell, a predetermined and consistent vision of what you might normally see, and if you remove this armour, this biased view, you will find something more beautiful, less superficial.”