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How did you become a model ?
I went to my first audition at 14 years-old at the Karin Models Agency. She was planning sectionals all over France in oder to find the next model of tomorrow. I managed to arrive finalist in Paris, although my parents said that I was too young to start a modeling carrer. I kept going to school, I was registered in a new agencies in the South of France such as Enjoy Models Nice and Marseille. After I got graduated, I have decided to go to Paris and to concentrate on this job.

What is your main characteristic ?
I am genuine, I try to be as punctual as possible when I have meetings or auditions, always smiling and available for the client. Everything I take part in I do it with passion and more and more as I get older.

Your characteristic you are the less proud of ?
Stress ! Days can be so exhausted and tyring. But most of the time, the result is always enriching and exciting.

Why Nude Art and how the Nude Art ?
Since I was younger I have always been fan of some photographs such as Patrick Demarchelier, Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton or Ellen Von Unwerth. According to me, a good model has to be as harmonious as possible with her body, being showed without modesty, « beautiful without props, in one’s birthday suit ». So, for me, the desire was natural (laughs). There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s body.

I read that you wanted to be model, a Nude Model after going out of Hervé Lewis’ ?
Hervé was one of my first audition. I really loved his work, nothing was vulgar. Au contraire, women were sublimated whereas she was not wearing a piece of cloth. (Outdoors question)

Where would you like to do a photoshoot ?
Now, I really want to travel to the United-States. I have this idea in my mind for a while now. I hope I will be able to do it this winter (laughs).

What makes you go on in life ?
Desire. Desire of learning and doing so much more every day. I always say to myself : « luck smiles to audacious people », I think that is great way to go on in every day life.

Which part of your body do you prefer ?
I’d say my breasts. Generally, models do not have many curves, especially in France. I’m proud to be different, to have a natural and generous breast and to be in that position in which the French are timid.

What are the requirements to be a good model according to you ?
Being patient, positive, taking care of oneself is mandatory in this job.

What is your bed side book ?
Not really eccentric but I would say « L’Alchimiste », a beautiful tale which tells us to fulfill our dreams.

To watt extend do you play of/ on social medias ?
I’m rather active on social medias, especially on Instagram. I think that is a wonderful tool to share what we want to share (laughs). I got my own community, I am happy to publish my last work along with some moment of my intimacy. I am not really into Snapchat, I don’t think I’m the target, too much intrusive and not that much artistic.

A place to have a drink ?
I’d say « Le Dépanneur » in Pigalle, their cocktails are delicious so are their burgers. With friends it’s the perfect cool night (laughs).

Why Paris ? Would you like to stay there ?
Paris for me, it’s the city of lights, the city that never sleeps, always boiling in a uproar. A city in which we feel free to express our creativity, our passion or our art. I feel good in Paris, it’s a beautiful city which is filled with unbelievable places. I think I’ll stay here for a few years, only the future knows…

What do you plan to do in the next ten years ?
In addition to modeling, I have developed my own company to ephemera colourful tattoos. It was my first season this year and it went well. A book is actually available at Fnac : « Décitre ». I will be more inclined to make my carrer into the entrepreneurship field, the future perspectives are the most important thing for me.

What can we do for you ?
Be on the next cover of Normal ? (laughs)

Your plans ?
Develop Atattooday as much as possible and keep being a model (laughs).

- Meet Alexandra Zimny exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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