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Ana Wanda, (short name of her first name and reference to the famous character created by Von Sacher-Masoch), is a French 24 years-old model, who currently lives in Paris. When she was studying Art, she began to pose in 2010 for painters and drawers as a living model — she liked more and more the discipline. Then, plans, meetings, and several good occasions allowed her to pose for photographers. For about a year now, she is a professional model since she works for three agences (Wanted models, Agence Plus et Nocturnal agency), this situation gives her the possibility to travel across Europe. Nude came naturally, as a continuity of the body expression. There has not been any awkwardness or latent modesty, her beauty has been noticed, her body is highlighted, the shape is underlined as a come-back to the bare woman, the sculptural Nude — curvaceous, , beautiful and feminine. Making us forget about the pression and the strict, narrow-minded characteristics of the models lifestyle, she makes her pose artistic on purpose. No smile, just the natural and pure beauty of the woman, cold and gorgeous as snow. Her world is gloomy and dreamlike, highlighted by a gothic image, inspired by Romanticism of the late 1790s.





« I like to pose entirely naked in front of the photographer in order to let him capture my soul. I have curves and I am proud of them. I made it my strength out of it ».

- Meet Ana-Wanda exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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