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How did you become a model ?

At first, my mother pushed me to do it because in her early years she wanted to be a model but her choices led her some place else. When I was 19 years-old, I went to Paris for six month and I decided to take a fresh start   but I stopped everything because I was not solid nor ready enough. At 27 years-old, I did the same thing and a passion was born just like that.

Why did accept to pose naked ?

Nude, according to me, has never been an issue nor a taboo. I grew up naked, my parents were not handing themselves to go to the shower, anyway, being naked is completely natural and has not any sexual connotations. The first photographer I worked with quickly understood that I was at ease and that allowed me to give more genuine and pure photographies — which will be wasted if I was dressed up… My first  photographies were numerous and each time, they were nudes and it really suits me so…

Being model is the same thing as being exhibitionnist ?

I think that by its definition, being a model is wanted to be seen so I’d say that it is. Then, there’s the way we want to be seen…

Have you got some canons of beauty or esthetic models ?

A few yes, I think the women I find the most beautiful are the one I recognize myself in… Dountzen Kroes for instance, but also Julia Roberts in a completely different way — Cate Blanchett as well. Those women spread feminity and strength and these are my main characteristics !

Your worst experience ?

Hard to find a single bad experience but it’s pretty awful when a photographer wants to take advantage of you… Physically speaking ! 

The best one ?

The best ones are the ones I share with my friends who are the photographers… The pictures we are sharing turn into Art…

Your main characteristic ?

I’d say « pure ». I have many aspects, but aport from my past and my maturit, I am still a pure child which sees only good in people, I think this is what comes out the most…

The one you are the less proud of ?

I’m a perfectionist, so I find myself some esthetic flaws, but growing up, I tend to accept me more and more and find beauty in every parts of my body as they have something to tell… I’m not proud of the fact that I am greedy and Gluttony is my sin. I don’t succeed to help myself but that’s not a big deal !

What’s your link with the body and with your body ?

According to me, the body is just our vehicle on Earth, it is our only exit to everything we are going through, our emotions, our thoughts, our senses… The body is a very precious tool and magical machine which possesses unthoughtful capacities. I try to take care of mine as much as I can, despite some parasites who are trying to stop me doing it. Since I’m little, I am interested in beauty and health, so I can state that my body is my priority…

What is your overview on the world of models nowadays ?

It’s a very harsh world, very ungrateful. As a model, we have to answer some marketing needs due to the fashion flood, and we don’t have much power over it, not directly at least. If we don’t stand back when it comes to our body, ourselves, we might suffer from rejection and successive ones. But at the end, it’s a great place to learn how to turn shallow manners into deep experiences…

What is your overview on photography ? What are the aspects which fascinate and despise you ?

At first, I simply saw photography as something aesthetic which helps me to be seen and famous. Now, I see a medium of expression and thus more and more. I try to give sense to my work and to communicate some points of vote on subjects which matter to me as freedom, religion taboos, women’s image…

Where is the line between eroticism and Nude Art ?

To me, the difference is linked to two main aspects : on the one hand : the photographer’s talent and quality and on the other hand, the way we look at the picture — seeing something non-sexual, and showing it to someone else who sees it only with sexual connotations. It’s very hard to code Art and it’d be a piece of nonsense to do it…

Your favorite past-time ?

A good movie at home, a restaurant, a stroll in nature but always with my partner.

Your ideal after ?

There’re no rule again, only being surrounded by good people…

The favorite part of your body ?

Hard to say… I think that each part carries beauty and flaws as well bit I’d say my long legs…

Your last night-out ?

On the west coast of France, in a bar called « Le Voile Rouge » with my sweetheart, some photographers friends, Frédéric Beigbeder and some others…

The best declaration of love you had on Social Medias ?

I don’t recall the exact words but when one says that my pictures are a breath of fresh air each time one looks at it — or that I show nudity in a completely different way, in a way which is not « Pop ». I like it when people understand what I am doing ! Of course I got some proposals as well but I have too much work for that ! (laughs)

Your plans ?

I’s love to show my freedom side by taking pictures abroad, all around the world, doing a road trip with my love through Europe and the United-States. I want to narrow down my work since I am aware of my qualities now, which was not the case before… I hope I will be doing what I like and spreading my work !

- Meet Andja Lorein exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 1 et 6 -

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