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Andrea comes from former Yugoslavia. He’s been navigating between Paris and Brussels since the early 1990s. At 18, he left his country of birth to study photography in Brussels, at the National Institute of Radio-Electricity and cinematography (INRAC). He discovered other aspects of photography in 1991, through journalism and photojournalism. Since then, as he says, he’s been completely obsessed and fascinated by the magic of photography. Now, he works in one of the pioneer cities of the fashion world: Paris.


How would you define the universe of your photographs?
My style has been built over time.  At the beginning, I did not necessarily plan to get anywhere.  I did everything and anything because my goal was to understand what I liked and what I did not like.  Over time, I made my own journey and technique was my favourite playground, and the mastery of light became my perpetual challenge. Ideally I like to work with a hint of abstract.  That way, the picture does not represent reality but rather a simplified world where I emphasize my vision of femininity and elegance. 


What are your sources of inspiration?
I consider myself a rather classic photographer and I appreciate the great masters of photography such as Avedon, Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, Albert Watson and many others.I also love to get inspiration from real life, art and cinema.  I think one of the great values ​​of photography lies in what it suggests rather than what it actually shows. The intriguing and bizarre worlds of Guy Bourdin and David Lynch are also very important aspects of the way I look at the creation of images.


Do you work with a large team to realize your photographs?
I love working with people I appreciate both humanly and professionally.  I think interaction is very important: being the instigator of a project, but not its sole contributor.  I can then see my photos with a different eye: that of the viewer, the spectator.  For me, they require teamwork and a long preparation at all the different stages (before, during and after).  This does not make me impartial at all!  Many times, I have been astonished by people’s taste, what they like and what goes unnoticed!  For me, a photograph is good when it can be hanged on the wall and exist outside of the series in which it belongs.


What is your favourite place to shoot?
Because mastery of the elements surrounding my images is crucial, the studio remains the safest bet.  Working with lights is much more important in a studio, and I think that, in this case, it does make sense. I love working outside, but the weather can play surprising tricks on you.  Ultimately, it is the result that counts and for that, I am ready for everything! “Being there, moreover, to sublimate women.”

- Meet Andrea Klarin in Normal Magazine n°2 -

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