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- Meet Anthony Perreau exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 7 -

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How has your body evolved since the moment you wished to be a model?
I wanted to become a model when I discovered my body! What I mean by that is that I went through a rather drastic transformation when I arrived in Paris two years ago. I lost a lot of weight to find work and feel better about myself. After losing 20 kilos, then 40 kilos, I realized that something was revealed, something different. And arriving at 50 pounds less after many physical efforts has not been easy! Yet here I am today.

Your muses?
I really like Cara Delevingne, some people will say that it's cliché as an answer but I really like what she releases, and especially among all her Instagram photos that really make you 15 years old! But when I see this, I see more someone who has a blast in the modeling world and who knew how to share things! And in the male type, I like Lucky Blue Smith.

Your relationship to the nude?
I did not think it would be so easy to get naked, especially in the face of many self-directed goals. But in reality it is only the physical preparation and the mind, and the people present play a lot, by their work and their passion. Being originally an ultra complex person, I still have questions or anxieties!

What are you doing outside of the photo?
Outside of the photo I am a Colorist Technician in two Toni & Guy hair salons in Paris. A passion that occurred very early and that for 5 years makes me eat and allows me to have a roof.

What type of photography do you like to do?
I love fashion photos but also photos that have a real project with a real story, where everyone sees what he wants to see and interpret in his own way the final photo, like a painting ...

The ultimate taste blemish?
The invention of ballerinas for girls! (Laughter)

What are the qualities of a good model?
A good model must necessarily have a certain size and a certain body to be able to give envy. But above all a real model, in my opinion, it shows in his presence, his eyes, his way of highlighting regardless of the situation.

What are you planning to do in the next ten years?
In ten years I would like to go through several agencies, travel, and then convert myself into the world of fashion. Life allows us everything, just give ourselves the means.

Your biggest ambition as a model?
Make covers of major magazines, travel, learn languages, make unexpected encounters, create a name for me in this ruthless environment!

- Meet Anthony Perreau exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 7 -

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