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Being true to his surname, Guido covers women in silver before immortalizing them in a snapshot; he puts his mark on them. Guido destroys the taboo that surrounds him, and gives nudity its original meaning. Thus painted, women become sculptures and Argentini’s photographs are iconic testimonies to the fascination he has for them. Like Pygmalion, he moulds his models; he shapes them as would Rodin or Cortot, but using metal as a medium which reflects his passion for sculpture and dancing. Space freezes and diffuses its invisible emanations on these lascivious bodies to define and shape them. The environment is geometric and clearly defined.

Guido was born in Florence in 1966. From the age of 17 on, he takes photographs of his friends. Some will be published a few years later, after he made his choice between fashion and medicine. Once discovered, he works for the greats: Vogue, Playboy... Many trips will ensue between Italy and the United States, where Guido finally settles. Since 1990, he lives in Los Angeles. His work has been published by some of the biggest magazines in the world and exhibited in the best galleries in Japan, the United States, Ukraine, Russia and Europe.

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