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- Meet Audrey Bouetté exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 1 & 6 -

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How did you become a model ?
Since I was very young, becoming a model was my dream ! At 15 years-old, I already got that passion for modeling. I bought every magazines I could find on photography and fashion. I was watching the models’ poses and their attitudes. I trained in front of the mirror. The year of 2011 was important to me : I signed up for the International Contest Model Karma. I was noticed by Thomas Zeumer who had already discovered top models such as Heidi Klum. I won a trip to New York City for the Fashion Week and I got up the top three. When I came back I realized that it was my true passion and I wanted it to be my job. I was a work in progress : I keep going to Economic School and I did a lot of sport to sculpt my shape. I became more natural : no more stripes in my hair, no more extensions, fake nails… Because being a model is being natural ! Quickly I signed up in some model agencies and since then I obtained many beautiful contract in the world !

What is your overview on modeling today ?
I’m more of a commercial model. I’m lucky to evolve in a world which is healthy and different form the haute-couture one. I feel good because I have to have a tonic body but the weight is not an issue. Contrary to what people think, I don’t have many bad experiences. Most of people I work with are very professional !

What does motivate you in life ?
My motivation is being passionate by what I do ! I like what’s new, in my job and in my private life. I’m always in search of new projects. I’m quite positive, nothing can stop me and I like being where I’m not expected ! Nothing’s impossible and everything must be done, that’s my motivation !

What’s the part of your body you prefer ?
It might sound weird, but I like all of my body ! I learnt to love my body and to pose. I’m aware that I’m not perfect and it’s because of that that every models in different.

Your main quality ?
With time, I discovered that my main quality is my capacity to convey many emotions, to tenderness to strength. I’m very confortable during the photo-shoots, I know the poses which works and I like bringing new things.

A place to chill out ?
I’m against routine so to chill out I like discovering new places and travelling.

A favorite department between fashion, lingerie, glamour, Nude Art… ?
Honestly, I’m lucky because I can do everything. However, I tend to prefer lingerie, Nude Art or beauty.

A place to have a drink ? With whom ?
I barely go out for a drink, when I do, I like the trending places in Paris : the Renoma Café in the Eight borough, the Maison Blanche, the Manko - Eight borough, the Café Flore… With friends of course !

What is your link with the body and your body ?
I like my body even if it’s not perfect, I think it’s important for your well-being and even in my job. I like feeling good in my own skin.I think I’m demanding towards my body. It’s part of my job. I try to eat as healthy as I can and to do more than five hours of sport eery week. But it’s not mandatory, it’s because I like it !

Or your biggest project as a model ?
My biggest advert campaign was the one by Aubade Paris, then my advert for Dior Amphore and Jean-Claude Biguine. I’m very proud of it because I’m very motivate, my dreams came true. Now my plan is to accumulate advertising campaigns and to have many contracts. I like to be on the big screen as well.

Your typical day ?
I like to feel well so a good night of sleep, I got my morning beauty routine, my work day and a little bit of sport to end it.

Your plans ?
I will concentrate on my wishes : photo-shoot abroad, leaders, videos, and I want to be on covers !

- Meet Audrey Bouetté exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 1 & 6 -

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