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- Meet Cassandre Humbert exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 8 & 9 -

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How did you become a model ?
I have always been fascinated by the image. When I was a little girl, I used to cut pages out of magazines to make collages and I collected some advertisings of lingerie and beauty brands. I watched the details (the poses, the textures, the light and the fashion designs) which made the picture. When I was about 18 years-old, I began to pose for photographers just out of curiosity and I never stop working for photographers along with the most exciting projects ever since.

What kind of photography do you prefer to do ?
I genuinely prefer taking pictures in a Photo Booth at 2 a.m !

The worst experience you had to endure ?
I recall a photoshoot from a few years ago — I posed outside in January, it was about -6 Celsius Degrees and I wore a strapless dress. My lips were blue, my fingers were red and I was shivering the whole time : I tend to keep a rather cold memory from that epic !

The best one ?
This experience is rather recent, it was for a magazine cover and I had golden glitters all over my body, I was lying down and I was surrounded by five gorgeous naked women ! I will always remember this : the moment when the makeup artists oiled my body and sprinkled it with a thin layer of golden glitters. The setting of the bodies and the most simple beauty ever represented, the photographer who leaned over us from a few meters above in order to take the picture over us. I was in the middle and I was asked to have a candid smile on my face, I did not need to play a role for this one, I was smiling naturally from ear to ear !

What is your feeling towards nudity ?
C’est pareil en photo, si le projet ou le travail du photographe met en lumière le corps pour une vraie réalisation artistique je n’ai pas de problème à poser nue. According to me, the body is just an envelope, we see Nudes in the paintings, the sculptures, and in the photographic field since forever ! There is a difference between nude and naked. My first experience of nudity took place when I was an academic model for Fine-Arts. At first, it was kind of difficult to take the robe off in front of 20 people but the artistic part of it gets the upper hand at the end. It is the same thing with photography, if the project or the photographer’s work highlights the body to build an authentic artistic creation, I don’t have an issue with posing naked.

Guilty Pleasure ?
Chocolate !

Going with a Bikini or topless ?
Topless, to avoid the tan-lines…

Partying all night or cozy nights ?
Cozy nights because of the soft lights, red wine and jazz music.

That little thing you are still doing on the sly ?
I’m writing songs. Well, it looks more like passionate poem for now, but still !

How do you look at photography ? What are the aspects which fascinate you and the one which annoy you ?
I am keen on photography because it tells stories, I can look at a fixed image and manage to feel something. It fascinates me. There are not really annoying aspects because photography is an art and each one of us is practicing it in its own way.

Your male fantasy ?
I’m hesitating between Tom Hary and Josh Hartnett, a real man that is.

What is the line between eroticism and Nude Art ?
The way the person is looking at it.

Why choosing Paris ?
I have always thought that I would live in Paris. The lights of the town during any part of the day. The crowd, the noise, the culture, the sirens, and the activity : everywhere and whenever you want. I need to live in a turmoil where everything is possible.

Where do you like to hang out ?
I love Blanche, Lepic and Pigalle neighbourhood. The atmosphere at night, the cabarets, the theaters, the concert places, the bistros and chic restaurants. It is a borough which lives according to its history. I love walking around with all the red lights of the neon signs and arriving right in front of the Moulin. To have a drink, L’Entrée des Artistes is a very cool place — with whomever I want (laughs).

Your favorite pastime ?
Buying shoes, particularly black ankle boots I have too many of them ! (laughs), and basically they are the same. Pumps as well, with very high heels, they are subtitling sublimating my closet even though they are still brand new !

Is there a photographer you admire ?
It’s a female photographer. Ellen Von Unwerth, crazy pictures, chic, erotico-glam, sparkling, glamour, risqué, provocative. Beautiful. How do you see yourself in ten years ? Alive. I don’t like making plans. I love living here and I believe in fate. I trust life.

What question would you like being asked ? How did my experience with Normal Magazine go ?
Extra and exhausting ! (laughs). I can’t wait to see what came out of it !

- Meet Cassandre Humbert exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 8 & 9 -

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