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As a comic book creator until his 30s, Cédric Roulliat naturally turned to photography, fascinated by popular forms of narration like films, the Photo Novella, or advertising. Born in 1973, Cédric Roulliat is that self-taught man. At 17, he finds his grandfathers material in the attic: a silver Canon, opticals, and an enlarger made in the 70s. Cédric Roulliat’s models appear in scenes essentially based on feminine figures of desire, solitude, or folly; of standardised emotional pantone from the Hollywood B movies. Some incongruous situations or clichés flirting with the absurd and dementia in a normalised stereotyped world. Here, the fixed image gives a glimpse of a bigger story, with a before and an after, a past and a future, as an enigma to resolve, a puzzle to complete, a series to follow. Between the imagery of Guy Bourdin, the world of Alan Moore and B. E. Ellis’ gift for writing, these artificially conceived scenes are also a tribute to the Golden age of Hollywood, influenced by the fantastic, the American classicism, the série-noire, or the Grimm Brothers. The composition is inverted in front of classical models, men become objects in front of women with intense testosterone, for a more troublesome finish. The man is an object of desire, a Ken in an artificial plastic.




"  L’image arrêtée, avec ce qu’elle laisse entrevoir d’une histoire plus ample, est un appât pour l’imagination, une énigme à résoudre, un puzzle à compléter. C’est ce qui me passionne depuis que je suis tout gamin ! Je rêvais déjà devant les pages du Télé Poche qui présentaient les images des films du soir, les fragments d’une aventure plus belle et plus flamboyante dans mon esprit que dans le film qu’il ne m’était alors pas permis de visionner  "

                                                                                                                                                                        Cédric Roulliat

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