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Celine Andrea is a young Parisian model who has specialised in nude and lingerie before moving around to the other side of the camera. Céline quickly starts shooting nudes, her "favorite topic". She follows her instinct, preferring spontaneous and natural poses, immersing herself in in the atmosphere, the lines, playing with light to better sculpt the body sublimated by the sensuality and eroticism of black & white. Between sensual and erotic poses, sometimes provocative the finish is intense and powerful, stimulating emotion.


How did you start photography?
I switched from model to photographer about 6 years ago .. I wanted to take pictures that I hadn't done before as a model: portrait, fashion, etc.

How would you describe your style?
I would say I make sensual nude, some sort of black and white in semi-darkness.

Why very little color?
I prefer black and white nude as it provides stronger, more authentic images.


How do you choose your models?
I often photograph women who came to get me! And I love not knowing what the person I'm going to photograph looks like and where the session will take place.


What is your type of model?
When I have personal projects, I prefer voluptuous women with no boundaries!

Where do you go in Paris?
I rarely go out. The night life doesn't do much to me!

Your ideal evening type?
A nice bottle of wine, a good movie with my lover, curled up on the couch.


Have you been living off photography for some time now?
Yes, I have recently become a professional photographer and I feel very lucky I have been able to turn my passion into a career!



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