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You are model, designer, graphic designer, AD ... Any preference?
Actually, before being a model, I'm an illustrator. Everything comes together ... I am passionate about creating images, I like to tell stories and put them on page ... Whether through the drawing, the model, or the DA of a series , the end is always exciting to achieve! Besides, I'm working on several series mixing photos and illustrations. With Isshogai a few years ago and currently with Martial Lenoir!


How did you come to be a model?
As a designer, I started out as a "living model" in art schools, and I wanted to go more concretely to photography. Then, it's the meetings ...
My most beautiful is the one with Martial Lenoir three years ago, these are our first pictures that made me understand the potential of our complicity. It's a game I love and I do not set limits!


What type of photography do you like to do?
I am a Rainbowgirl, I like everything that is positive!


You are also model detail hand ... Is the approach different?
I love to pose with my hands! I have the chance to work for major luxury brands and to participate in very beautiful campaigns thanks to my agent, both in photo and video! My years of piano, dance and drawing have brought me a dexterity that makes me very comfortable and allows me to easily play the roles requested with my hands! And then as we say: games of hands ...

Your look at the nude: why accept to do it?
Because there is nothing more fun (and enjoyable) than to walk naked in unusual places! Recently, the Dali Museum in Figueras and Gaudi's sublime roofs in Barcelona ... Of course, these places were exceptionally open for us, and at indecent times ... I do not wander in the middle of hundreds of tourists! (Though...)

An exhibitionist side?
According to the Larousse: "Exhibitionism" = Sexual deviation in which the public exhibition of the penis, accompanied by masturbation, replaces any other form of sexual intercourse. Good ... I do not have a penis, it does not concern me then!

What do you think are the qualities of a good model?
Enjoy your life and share your joyfulness with the people you love. Come what may.

Your nickname ?
There is a share of cat and a part of muse ...

Why Paris? Do you plan to stay there?
Ah Paris ... I was born there and I love this city! I always make beautiful meetings! Note: second favorite city, Berlin.

Your ideal after?
Guérin Castle, "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" in caress sound.

Your next party?
The LIFE concert of Adagio with Stéphan Forté, my best guitarist of the cosmos! 

What are the most frequent customer wishes or questions?
Come to the shoot without underwear ... To avoid the marks of course! I already told you that I was not an exhibitionist!

What has become of your childhood dreams?
I'm there. Live happy, with my Princes and have lots of cats. Okay with you

- Meet Charline Muse exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 6 & 10 -

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