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- Meet Chiara Bianchino in Normal Magazine -

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What are the qualities needed to become a model?

I think is important to have a strong personality, a innate sensuality and a great expressive talent.


What is your favorite picture of you?

I have a lot of favorite pictures, but one of my favorite sets of all time is my last one with Yan Senez.


How does it work to work with you?

Usually I get in touch with photographers via social media as Instagram or Facebook, or sometimes by Model Mayhem. It happens also that a magazine that want to publish pictures of me, organize the shooting and manage directly with the photographer. Sometimes photographers contact me, sending me their projects for exhibitions or books.


What do you prefer being a model?

I love traveling and meeting a lot of different people from different culture, with different artistic purposes. 


Favorite photographers?

I would like to shoot with Ana Dias, Davide Bellemere and as a dream with Ellen Von Unwerth.


An anecdote during a shoot? 

A photographer stumbled into an electric cable and falling off broke his nose and lost a lot of blood: it was terrible!


How do you get solicited by photographers?

They push me to express myself in a true and honest way, without freezing myself in artificial and empty poses or fake facial expressions.

What is a good picture for you ?

A picture that shows my soul, my true sensuality and erotism, a picture that when you look at it touches you innerly.


If you hate the picture we made of you? 

When I hate a picture of me I just try to forget that picture (as it has never been shot ahahah) or sometimes it makes me laugh and I see it every time I want to go back to laugh at it: you must not take yourself too seriously!


Your projects ?

Next year I would like to travel around the world and modeling in other countries outside Europe. 

I wish I will be published in other important magazines and exhibitions too.

- Meet Chiara Bianchino in Normal Magazine -

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