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Connie Imboden’s middle name is ambiguity. Beyond the eccentric sixty year-old with natural white hair proud to show pictures of her parachuting, her work remains enigmatic and obscure. Born in 1953, Connie is an American photographer who lives and works in Baltimore as an arts professor at the university of Notre Dame. She’s organized workshops in New York, at the Rencontres d’Arles, in the Czech Republic or in the Emirates. Connie’s work is represented in many arts collections, including the MoMa, in New York, or the BNF, in Paris, as well as in public and private collections throughout Europe, America and more recently, China. In 1992, she was considered the greatest discovery in Paris. Some of her works represents naked bodies, or body parts, immerged in water, in a black pool covered with mirrors reflecting light, twisting and reshaping the body in surreal distortions, offering a new point of view on its original shape. She finds inspiration in the chemistry between water and light, in the reflexion of the submerged naked body. Her pictures are shocking, surprising and sometimes off-putting. They act as poetic metaphors on the body and the face, an interesting look at the human condition. They convey a tragic and romantic sense of calm, an ostentatious and respectful tranquillity. Your vision seems blurry, making it impossible to know for sure what it is you are contemplating. Her pictures come to life once you let your mind go, once your eyes take over, guided by the poetry of her world. The viewer gets surprised by the visual beauty and sincerity of the picture and by the odd and complex distortion of the mind. Even though there are many possible ways to interpret her work, Imboden’s work remain metaphorical and poetic. The sky above the models’ heads is as dark as the pool below them and that blackness echoes with the psychological depth and the abstrusity of her work.



" Nudity is the most popular subject in art history, and now I know why. Thanks to nudity, we can explore our psychology, our spirituality and our appearance" 

Connie Imboden

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