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David Drebin’s work matches in a unique way voyeuristic and psychological points of views. Drebin offers the spectator a dramatic glimpse of feelings and experiences that a lot of us have most likely felt and gone through at a certain time of our life. After finishing his studies at the Parsons School of Design in New York in 1996, David Drebin rapidly stood out as an internationally renowned photographer with his pictures of movie stars and of celebrities in the world of sports and art. From now on, he is famous for his pictures with a strong erotic charge, made up of plots and questioning as the author reveals: “ I love pictures that have a duplicity and hidden senses”. American love stories conjugated with urban landscapes are at the root of overviews, portraits and sculptures at the neon of David Drebin. He places solitary women, in evening dresses or undressed, in apartments looking like paintings, terraces or hotel rooms. He shows an almost liturgical veneration of feminine legs.


Do you have obsession when creating a photography ?
Obsession to be truthful.

What is your vision of nude in photography ?

No vision. Key is for the viewer to imagine as we rarely are obvious with what we show. We show so viewer can imagine what we don’t show.

What is a good picture for you ?
One where you can recognize who made the photo. One where you can «feel» something.

Could you make it as a war photographer?
Wish I could but scared of guns

Your favorite movie ?
Blazing Saddles

- Meet David Drebin in Normal Magazine issue 5 -

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