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- Meet Deila Vogur exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 10 -

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Why did you become a model ?
I like seeing myself into the different character I play, through photography as a medium, I can live all these different lives ! Having the possibility to live a different life from ours through such fashion design, being directed by photographers’ creativity, pushing off my limits, working with an amazing team in order to create a visual and emotional beauty is motivating. 

What’s the first you do going out of bed ?
I look at the window to find my best friend : the light !

Best places to chill out ?
Into my man’s arms obviously and the Alpes Mountains !

What does your typical day look like ?
I start rather early about 7 a.m — I have my breakfast then I go to the gym. Around 10 a.m I get ready for auditions or business appointments. If I stay at home, I like watching movies, reading, or drawing. I like going shopping or going to Parisian perfume shops to discover new fragrances which inspire me. My new favourite discovery is the fragrance Sully Rose by Eric Buterbaugh !

What is your overview on Nude Art ?
Having studied Plastic Arts, the body is a piece of art itself, a gift given by Nature. I think that nudity makes us all equal… 

Where does this giant dragon come from ?
It comes from my love for Japan and Japanese painters as Hokusai and Kuniyoshi. I had the opportunity to meet the Japanese craftsman and traditional tattoo specialist : Tohibiki Irezumi who made my tattoo according the traditional way of Tebori. This work took a year.

What question would like to be asked ?
Tell us about your first love ?!

Your plans ?
I want to be an artistic director.

Who are the contemporary photographer you admire ?
Marta Bevacqua, Celine Bischoff, Martial Lenoir, Hugo Comte, Thomas Babeau …

Your favourite fashion designer ?
Myself !

I recall you played in some movies right ?
I did, I love playing ! I got the opportunity to play in Jean-Louis Daniel’s movie which is currently in post-production entitled « The Skin Theory » in which I got one of the first lead. Stay tuned ! 

- Meet Deila Vogur exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 10 -

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