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How did you come to be a model?
I became a model following an awareness. I had a serious, sedentary job that did not fit me anymore. I did well but I was no longer happy, more fulfilled, I felt I was no longer in my shoes and it was getting worse. Coupled with difficult family and personal events, I reacted instinctively, out of necessity. I needed to refocus on myself, write the rest of my life, stop suffering to really exist. I started thinking about what I really wanted, something I did not want to regret, something I had never tried in my life. And to take pictures quickly appeared to me as obvious. More than a desire, it was a need, buried, but visceral. It was present in me for a long time but I was conditioned, as it is for many things, the environment was totally unknown to me I did not know neither photographer nor model, my age, my physical were brakes, it was was inaccessible. But my decision was made so I started. It was 2 years ago. I contacted a first photographer and social networks allowed me to meet others. I chose to use the nickname "Eliya" for the sake of discretion. It is very close to my heart it is inspired by the name of my grandmother who was one of the most important people of my life, died shortly after starting the photo, I could not talk to him about it. I started immediately with lingerie sessions, and 6 months later I realized my first nude series. I was 27, I was a financial advisor in a bank. I worked for 9 years and left my company 2 months ago.


You seem very amateur of artistic nude, why?
Yes, I really like the artistic nude, because it's simply beautiful, it's whole, pure, raw. Also I did a lot of dance being younger, especially classical and I find forgotten feelings, I think there is the memory of the body too. I feel good in this register, I let my body and my mind express themselves freely.

What is your relationship to the body and your body?
The body is sacred. I am very attentive to mine, it is essential. A body is an envelope, what touches me is to see what it expresses, what it releases.

To be a model is it to be an exhibitionist?
I do not know, it depends on the person I think. As far as I'm concerned this is not the case. Exhibitionism is not one of the driving forces behind my passion for photography and it's far from my personality.

What type of photography do you like to do?
I like so much about photography, I am very open and curious, I have a lot of desires and I still have a lot to explore. What I can say is that I am in love with natural light.

Your engine in life?
My engine is love. Love of life.

What fills you with happiness?
What fills me with happiness ... the sun, I am a girl of the sun! (Laughter). There are a lot of things, it can range from a laugh to a trip, to the simplest things in the world, to lie naked in the sun.

How much do you play on / on your image on social networks?
On social networks, I do not disclose information about my private life or my opinions on any subject. To tell you I almost never post selfie, I'm not good at that for that matter. I just share my photos. It looks like me, I'm a little wild, I like to go to the basics and then I prefer the real relationships, "feel" people, the feeling. And we come back to the subject of exhibitionism, I would not necessarily feel legitimate to expose my life, does it interest people? Yet I respect and I do not judge those who do it, everyone does what he wants. So photo naked or not, say that I do not play on my image "personal", I convey a certain image directly related to my photographic work. I'm not too good at calculating everything, I try to stay true to myself.

What are you planning to do in the next ten years?
Honestly I do not know, I take a sabbatical year in 2017 to devote myself entirely to photography and video. To be a model is ephemeral but I will go to where I can. I am rather in the mood to live from day to day, we can die tomorrow. My goal is to live an activity that makes me happy, in the photographic, artistic, it would be ideal of course. To be happy, it does not fall from the sky, it is necessary to give the means.

Your biggest ambition as a model?
My biggest ambition of model ... it will be to live, to be in a beautiful book, or to expose in a prestigious gallery. It would be to meet exceptional photographers and participate in incredible projects.

- Meet Eliya Ca exclusively inside Normal Magazine issue 8 & 10 -

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