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What is your main characteristic ?
My determination, certainly.

Why Paris ?
I came to Paris to follow love… I go wherever my determination takes me.

What brings you joy ?
Manage to keep me on the track I decided every day

Your last night out ?
Sat on a bench near my parents’ home with my husband and my dog under a night sky.

What is your link between the body and your body ?

How did you become a model ?
I began to pose as a model due to a lack of confidence. People used to sat that I was cute but I needed to believe it. Quickly, photographe became a passion and a way to express myself with my body.

Why did you choose Nude Art ?
I have not always posed as a Nude Model, it’s rather recent. At first, it was not imaginable because I was to ashamed of my body. I did only portraits, fashion, lingerie photos ; and then one day I did my first topless/ nude photoshoot with Nilakantha — that went well so it went on naturally. I am rather modest in my every day life, Nude Art allowed me to look at my body differently and to accept it and it gave me the envy to take care of it, to sculpt it, not only for esthetics reasons but also to feel good inside.

Is being a model means being exhibitionist ?
That’s not what I think. Some people would say so and some would say au contraire. As far as I am concerned, I only pose naked for esthetics reasons ans there are not any reasons linked to exhibitionism. When I am posing naked, I don’t intend to show my body or to expose my intimate parts or putting on a show. There is, in Nude Art, a quest for itself, a visual and graphic work around the curves, a play between dark and light, men and women are highlighted without any props. It’s, according to me, deeper than just showing our body.

Where is the limit between eroticism and Nude Art ?
It’s a tough question. I think that eroticism is a suggestion interpreted differently by each individual, a naked woman can be erotic for some people whereas for others, it will be a matter of atmosphere, of poses… So there might be a limit between eroticism and Nude Art. Every one sees what they want to see.

What makes you go on in life ?
My husband. He’s by my side since the beginning, he supports me and helps me realize my dreams. He’s the one who puts me higher.

What if you never have been a model ?
I would be someone else.

To what extent do you play with the social medias ?
I play until their censorships make their apparence. (laughs)

What was the best love declaration you read on social medias ?
I receive quantitatives declarations than qualitatives ones.

Your plans ?
The moon.

- Meet Emel Marie exclusively inside Normal Magazine -

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