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Aaron Hawks is an American artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Her influences: the French surrealist movement, Hollywood genre film noir and Seattle music of the 1990s. These models are women, unique, that he wanted to stage without them being vitiated by the whole system of modeling and the media. Simple, common beauties. His muses move in an offbeat and fetishly erotic universe that drives the world along with them. They are more than photographs, they are living narratives that tell their own story, and that of the photographer.


There is a sexual tension, in a dark setting, nourished by loneliness. He is the voyeurist and the exhibitionist. Women evolve in the world of burlesque. He goes beyond the conscious, he pushes back onirism, between mesmerism and hypnosis like in a film by Murnau.


Her photography emanates a refined erotic tension, surgically dissected with a vitriolic scalpel. At Aaron, the scenography is fetishist, quirky, unconventional and exacerbated. His work, although disturbing, reveals aesthetic qualities, a deep sense of staging. The universe is out of whack, but never unhealthy.

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