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How did you come to be a model?
I did my first casting at the age of 14, for the Karin Models agency. She organized selections throughout France, in order to find the top of tomorrow. I was selected for the final in Paris, although my parents thought I was a bit young to start a modeling career. So I continued my studies, I was registered in agencies in the south of France such as: Enjoy Models Nice and Marseille. After my studies, I decided to go to Paris and devote myself solely to this job.

Your main character trait?
I am a serious person, I always try to be punctual during my appointments and casting, smiling and available for the client. Everything I do is done with passion, and even more as I grow up.

Which one are you the least proud of?
The stress ! The days can sometimes be very tiring as well as trying. But more often, with an increasingly rewarding and exciting result each time.

Why and how the nude?
Since jeune, I have always been a fan of photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton and Ellen Von Unwerth. For me, a model must be in total harmony with her body, display herself without shame, "beautiful, without ornament in the simplest way". So for me, the urge was natural (Laughs). There is nothing more beautiful than the body of a naked woman.

I read that you wanted to do nudes or be a model after leaving Hervé Lewis?
Hervé was one of my first castings. I really liked his work, nothing was vulgar. On the contrary, the woman was sublimated when she wore nothing or almost nothing.

Travel, where would you like to be shot?
Currently, I really want to travel to the United States. The urge has been "itching" for some time now. I hope to be able to this winter (laughs).

Your driving force in life?
Desire. The desire to learn and undertake every day. I always say to myself "luck smiles on the daring", I think it's a good engine to move forward in your daily life.

Your favorite part of your body?
I would say my chest. Generally the models don't have too many curves, especially in France. I am proud to be different, to have a natural and generous chest and to occupy "this niche" where French demand is shy.

What do you think are the qualities of a good role model?
Being patient, positive, and taking care of yourself in this job is mandatory.

Your bedside book?
Not very original, but "The Alchemist" a very nice tale that pushes us to go after our dreams.

How much do you play with/on your image on social networks?​
I'm pretty active on social media, especially Instagram. I think it's a great tool for sharing what you want to share (Laughs). I have my small community, so I'm happy to publish my recent works as well as the little moments of my private life. I'm less a fan of Snapchat, I don't think I'm the target, too intrusive for my taste and nothing artistic.

A place for a drink? 
I would say "le Dépanneur" in Pigalle, their cocktails are delicious as well as their burgers. With friends it's the perfect evening, in a cool way (Laughs).

Why Paris? Are you going to stay there?
Paris for me: it's the city of lights, a city that never sleeps, always in turmoil. A city in which we feel free to express our creativity, our passion or even our art. I feel good in Paris, it's a beautiful city full of incredible places. I plan to stay there for a few more years, the future will tell...

What do you plan to do in the next ten years?
In parallel with modeling, I developed my box in the field of ephemeral color tattoos. It was my first season this year, it went very well. A book is also on sale at Fnac,  Décitre. I will therefore be more focused on the field of entrepreneurship, the future prospects being the most important thing for me.

What can we do for you?
Do the next cover of Normal? (Laughs)

Your projects ?
Develop Atattooaday further and continue modeling (laughs).

- Find Alexandra Zimny exclusive inNormal Magazine -

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