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Ana Wanda, (diminutive of her first name and reference to the famous character created by von Sacher-Masoch), is a 24-year-old model, of French origin who currently lives in Paris. In parallel with Art studies, she began to pose in 2010 for painters and designers as a living model and gradually acquired a taste for the discipline. 

Projects, encounters and several fruitful opportunities ensue which make her pose for photographers. For nearly a year she has been a professional photo model after joining three agencies (Wanted models, Agence Plus and Nocturnal agency), a situation that allows her to travel in France and Europe.


The nude came naturally, as a continuity of bodily expression. There has never been gene or latent modesty, its beauty is claimed, the body is assumed, the form is proclaimed as a return to the original woman, to the sculptural, luscious, beautiful and feminine nude. Leaving aside the pressure and the rigid and narrow criteria imposed in the modeling world, her pose is deliberately artistic. Here, no smile, place for natural and fertile beauty, beautiful and cold, like snow. His universe is dark and dreamlike, imbued with Gothic imagery, inspired by late 18th century romanticism.




" I like to lay myself completely bare in front of the photographer so that he can capture my soul. I have shapes and I assume them. I knew how to make this difference a strength_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ "

- Find Ana-Wanda exclusively dansNormal Magazine -

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