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Andrea is originally from Ex-Yugoslavia. He has been sailing between Paris and Brussels since the early 1990s. At the age of 18, he left his country of birth to come and study photography in Brussels, at the National Institute of Radioelectricity and Cinematography (INRAC). He discovered new concepts in 1991 through journalism and photoreporting. Since then, and as he says himself, he is completely obsessed and passionate about the magic of photography. He now works in one of the pioneering cities of world fashion: Paris.


- How would you define the universe of your photographs?

My style has been made over time. At the beginning I hadn't necessarily thought about or planned to arrive somewhere. I did everything and anything because my approach was above all to understand what I liked and what I didn't like.  Over time I made my own journey technique has been my favorite playground, just as the mastery of light has become my perpetual challenge. My universe is to work with a touch of abstraction which makes photography does not represent reality but rather a simplified world where I emphasize my vision of femininity and elegance.


- Where is your favorite place to shoot?
Since mastering the elements surrounding my images is crucial, the studio remains the least risky. Light work is much more important within a studio and I find that in this case it makes perfect sense. I love working outdoors but the weather can play a role tricks that are sometimes surprising. In the end, it's the result that counts and for that I'm ready for anything!


- How do you use the nude?
I rarely do nude just for the nude. Often the nude has a story that accompanies it. In building shots I always start from a theme and so far it's always been more than just nude... Maybe I'm still intimidated and looking for a purpose to justify myself!


- What do you like the most in a woman? At the model?
Their character remains the most important for me. Even if the exchange is brief, I prefer it to be rich and humanly interesting. Their intelligence, their madness or their sensuality are facets that make this work even more pleasant, but mutual respect must exist within the team for everything to work perfectly.

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