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Bruno Bisang, is a world famous fashion photographer born in 1952 in Ascona, a small Italian-speaking Swiss village, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. It was here that he fell in love with Italian cinema. At 19, he was admitted to the School of Applied Arts for photography in Zurich. He thought of making films there and learned photography techniques in a local studio. He then found his way. Today, he publishes in many international magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Max, GQ and Amica. As clients, he counts Chanel and Cacharel, Givenchy and Guerlain. He divides his time between Zurich, Paris and New York. Bisang's Polaroids attest to the quality of the stars he has rubbed shoulders with, and all of them agreed to pose nude for him a decade ago. Bruno's universe takes us to see the most beautiful women in the world. The classics of beauty: Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Tyra Banks, Victoria Beckham and Monica Bellucci up to the most complete strangers.


- How do you represent your women? 
For me the most important thing is that the woman is not an object. For me she's a partner, like that, in that way, I can get a lot more out of the character. If I treat her more harshly, if I invest myself “generally” by giving her too many orders “you do this, you do that”, I won't get what I want. If I treat her like a partner then only then will I get more. She feels important and I give her that importance. I involve her, I engage her in my work because I want her to be reassured, especially when it comes to the nude. Let it be highlighted. I'm looking to do something with the model, in cohesion, together. I suggest ideas, things to them and we watch together, before on polaroid, now on digital,  we watch the first tests together and we discuss the direction we are going to take together. The most important thing is to respect the model.

- What are your canons of beauty?
Beauty is not only physical, it is above all a mixture, an osmosis between inside and outside. And it is this synergy that interests me. There are many beautiful women but they often lack  something, a lack of personality, of character. I like to show a strength of character in my images. My women are strong. They have their feet on the ground, they are not vain or arrogant but they have character.

- Where do your ideas come from? 
I prepare myself a little, I reflect, I tell myself what I'm going to do. I sketch notes in my moleskin and sometimes during the shootings I watch  what I wrote, to have a foundation, a base to achieve what I want.

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