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Photographer, Camille Brasselet
Model, Born
Location, Hotel Vieux Marais


"Looking out of the frame, an annexed story, the beginnings of something out of time. This results in a double contemplation, the image becomes a "window on". The stoicity of the bodies is based on their disturbing strangeness. The transparency of their gaze only reveals an even more important escape, a mysterious opacity.

Split and separate the representational spaces that surround the photographic image, create passages and back and forth in order to accept the impossibility of a naked body, like a naked image, to appear by itself, not betraying themselves. A totally clear and transparent image. Through a fleeting image, a scene is given to see. The body is only passing through the image, similar to an imprint. A silent footprint."

Find Camille Brasselet's latest series "Untitled Stories" at the Salon de la Photo,
Sigma stand from October 6 to 9. 

Series backstage


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