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How did you come to be a model?
In 2007, I was noticed by an agent in Belgium, following which I took part in a contest and was elected Best Model of Belgium. I then represented Belgium at Best Model of the World 2007 but did not win anything. After this experience, I devoted myself to my career as a professional dancer. In 2013, I arrived in Paris to perform on one of the most beautiful stages in the world and I was contacted by a Parisian agent. So I took up modeling again and pursued my career as a dancer and model for 3 years. I have since stopped my career as a dancer to devote myself solely to modeling, while keeping the rigor and discipline that I was taught.

What is your biggest ambition as a model?
I don't have big ambitions as a model. I just wish I could still work on beautiful projects with this passion that drives me. I still have a dream: to become an Angel at Victoria's Secret. It's nice to dream, isn't it?

Do you do parades?
Yes I scroll and necessarily I love it. Going on stage, in front of an audience, is my side as a dancer. Fashion shows give me a lot of adrenaline and I love that feeling.

Your ideal evening?
In a bar with my friends, spending the evening chatting and laughing over a bottle of red wine.

Your best experience?
Jean Paul Gaultier's last parade in ready-to-wear. It was an honor to do so.

Your relationship with the nude?
The nude is beautiful, artistic, aesthetic. I won't say I'm super comfortable but I don't have a problem either..

Your hobbies?
Dance of course and attend shows!

- Find Chloe Bernard exclusive inNormal Magazine n°9 -

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