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David Drebin work uniquely combines voyeuristic and psychological points of view. Drebin offers the viewer a dramatic insight into the emotions and experiences that many of us have no doubt felt and experienced at certain times in our lives. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York in 1996, David Drebin quickly established himself as an internationally acclaimed photographer with his images of movie stars, sports personalities and artists. Now he is known for his images with strong erotic discharge, made up of intrigue and questioning, as the author reveals & I like photos that have duplicity and hidden meanings. American Love Stories combined with the urban landscape are the basis for David Drebin neon panoramas, portraits and sculptures. He places solitary women, in evening dresses or undressed, in picture apartments, terraces or hotel rooms, and shows an almost liturgical veneration for female legs.


- Do you have any obsessions when you take a photograph?

The obsession to be true and faithful!


- What is your vision of the nude, in the world of photography?

I do not have any. The key lies in the fact that the viewer imagines and fantasizes. As we are never really objective about what we show, we only show so that the viewer can imagine what we dont show. What is a good image for you? The one whose author you recognize. The one where you feel something.


- Could you have been a war photographer?

I would have liked to, but Im too afraid of weapons!


- Your hero?

- Find the David Drebin suite inNormal Magazine #5 -

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