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David Lynch: Dreams - Tribute to Fellini

The American filmmaker, photographer, musician and painter David Lynch will exhibit at the Maison du Diable in Sion, in tribute to the Italian director Federico Fellini.

It was in 1993 that they met. Lynch is filming in Rome, Fellini is in his hospital room, already weakened. The circumstances of this meeting will create an intimate and unique bond between the two artists. Fellini will fall into a coma a few days later, from which he will not recover, leaving an intense memory in the mind of the American director.

The latter will subsequently meet the Fellini Foundation on several occasions, leading to an exceptional exhibition which is being prepared, entitled 'David Lynch: Dreams - Tribute to Fellini.

The form and content of this tribute to Fellini are not yet known. David Lynch would have put forward the idea of making about twenty drawings around his work. It is therefore a specific project for the Fellini Foundation, and not a selection of already existing works, made by the Maison du Diable.

The exhibition will also take place parallel to that at the Alexis Forel Museum in Morges (VD) which will present more than a hundred lithographs by Lynch.


David Lynch: Dreams - Tribute to Fellini

Devil's House in Sion, Switzerland

From September 7 to December 16

2pm-6pm from Wednesday to Sunday (or on request for groups)

Phone: +41 27 565 29 89


Admission: CHF 6.-
AVS, AI, students, apprentices, unemployed: CHF 4.-
Free up to 16 years old (over)

Guided tours
Please contact the Fellini Foundation. We organize group visits by reservation.

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