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The unanimous admiration that we profess to him today is not overrated. The triumph of the image testifies to a unique and instinctive photographic style. Here, the light is powerful and the color lively. Ellen von Unwerth knows how to combine photographic talent and humor, sometimes openly provocative, manipulating the universe of fantasy and desires, trivializing the image of the naive and sexy woman. Like Beethovens music, strength plays with sensuality, in all romanticism. By associating a naked woman and deliberately light humor, the artist makes no concessions, there is neither fragility nor subtlety, only strength. The desire then appears with violence until concupiscence. Ellen is powerful because she is determined, she does not allow herself to be preoccupied by anything obscure or complex, she does not seek a tormented balance. The force of attraction of the artist lies mainly in her virtuosity: her mastery of technique and her knowledge of femininity give her an unparalleled power of fascination in the face of classical photographers, from whom she stands out in her personal reflection on the way of perceiving things and experiencing one's own point of view. His paintings merge with the colors of the world to the point of projecting the spectator, a passive witness, into burlesque and comic scenes.

To this inventory of paintings is added a collection of women. Because that;s what it is, Ellen;s images are an ode to femininity. Women, models, often celebrities from the big screen, tops, or professional models, sometimes evoke great cosmopolitan bourgeoises, in a nod to Helmut Newton, sometimes stereotypical characters from comic books or films. Ellen got her start at the Roncalli Circus before becoming a model and gradually transitioning to the other side of the lens. It was in Paris that she discovered a passion for photography after ten years of modeling. Familiar with the world of fashion, she then worked for the biggest fashion magazines. She took several shots of female celebrities and glamor icons such as Claudia Schiffer (the shot that launched her career), Vanessa Paradis and Dianna Agron. His photos are used for legendary fashion covers and his collaborations with major brands are countless. Although she often works with the same partners, the stories she writes all have a separate identity.


Can you describe your photographic approach, in a few words?
While respecting the cinematographic style, I try to give my images an instantaneous character, taken from life. Above all, I seek spontaneity, liveliness and sensuality.

What is your relationship to the body?
There is nothing more aesthetic than a beautiful body, the major subject since the origins of art. I like to capture and capture the moving person while telling a story. And almost never without a pair of high heels. To create a posture of strength. In all the series you have created, we notice that women remain your main subject, while the man is absent or relegated to a secondary role. Why ? I wouldn;t say I find male models silly, considering how many amazing male models I;ve shot in my career. But for me it is more interesting to bring out the beauty and personality of women, also play with makeup and fashion. My universe is a world of women with as accessories… men! (Laughs)

What would models say about you?
Probably my shoots are very fun, I ask my models to move, to play scenarios. They love to show their sexy and naughty side. For the rest, you have to ask one of my models! What is the difference between the nude and eroticism in photography? I think the two terms just dont have the same meaning. A nude can be erotic or not, its all about how it is shot, captured, shown and seen. To call something erotic it has to be so in the eye of the beholder. It can then be a gesture, a detail, something almost invisible. Anyway, I;m not trying to create erotic images, but to capture women in fun and strong situations, having everything under control...

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