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Your main quality?
Surely my determination. 

Why Paris ? 
I went to Paris to join love, I go where my determination takes me.. 

What fills you with happiness?
Succeed every day in keeping this trajectory that I have set for myself. 

Your last evening?
Sitting on a bench not far from my parents with my husband and my dog under a dark sky.

What is your relationship to the body and with your body? 

How did you come to be a model?
I started posing as a model due to a lack of self-confidence. People told me I was cute but I needed to believe it. Very quickly photography became a passion and a real body expression for me. 


Why le nu?
I haven't always done nudes, it's moreover rather recent. At first it was impossible because I was complexed by my body. I only posed in portrait, fashion, or lingerie; and then one day, I did my first topless/nude shoot with the photographer Nilakantha which went very well, then it happened very naturally. I'm rather modest in everyday life, the nude therefore allowed me to apprehend my body differently, to accept it but above all made me want to maintain it, to sculpt it, not only for aesthetics, but also for my inner well-being.


Is being a model being an exhibitionist?
Anyway, that's not my opinion. There are surely people who will say yes, and others who will deny it. As far as I am concerned, I only pose in artistic nudes and for me there is no connection with exhibition. When I'm naked and when I pose, I don't try to show myself, show off my private parts or put on a show. There is in the nude a search for oneself, a graphic and visual work that is similar to the curves of the body, the play of shadow and light, the enhancement of the man or the woman. without any artifice. I think it's much deeper than the simple desire to show oneself to people.

What is the limit between eroticism and nu ?
It is difficult to answer this question. I think eroticism is a suggestion specific to each individual, a naked woman can be erotic for some while for others it will be more a question of pose or atmosphere... So is there a limit? between eroticism and the nude? Everyone sees what they want to see...

Your engine in life ?
My husband. He has been by my side since I started, he supports me and pushes me   to live my dreams. He really is my engine. 

If you hadn't been model ?
I would have been someone else.

How much do you play on social networks ?
I play to the limits that their censors impose on me (Laughs)

The most beautiful declaration of love on social networks ? 
I receive more quantitative statements than qualitative statements........cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Your projects ? 
The moon

- Find Emel Marie exclusively dansNormal Magazine -

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