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“I shape a fiction based on truth. Photography is a narration where you are able to invent your own reality. I dont take pictures, but I take pictures that reflect my conception of the world. Photography is just a medium. Photography is not so much for me the thing I want to show, but its the way, the way of showing things that matters. The process and creation is long and often complicated. Most of the time, Im so engrossed in the idea that the whole process has become an essential part of my life, and my survival (laughs). There is something, which drags me forward so intensely that it becomes the most important of my vital needs. This process includes concept development, research, production, art direction, casting and location scouting, styling, hair and makeup as well as the entire organization and communication all around. Everything is important. Normally, I work without a budget in conditions of total improvisation. I believe that most creativity comes from discomfort and lack of resources, when you are forced to invent new solutions. »


What are your beauty criteria?
My definition of beauty is as fluid as its criteria. It evolves over time and with the people who come into my life. All of this helps to redefine what I deem to be important or visually appealing. Perfection doesnt interest me. I prefer unusual beauty. Something more than visual. People with character and places steeped in history. And its a constant search, you have to search for them, and search where no one is looking. Or rather le sentir. I am often guided by my intuition. Some faces cant be forgotten, and some people stick in my head and I need to see them more. Shoot this, Im interested. Get to know them, sometimes only through the lens eye, but more often than not the most intimate way becomes the best. Ive often heard that I seek to photograph ugly people to push the boundaries of beauty. Its not true. I consider all my models absolutely beautiful. It;s my tastes that dont

What are you trying to show through these photographs?
It differs from project to project. I deal with many subjects and the result is generally the fruit of my point of view on the questions which interest me. Photography is for me the means of asking questions rather than giving the answers. I seek to go beyond things, and as deeply as possible in my projects.
What are your main influences in terms of art, music, literature and cinema?
I studied fine art and obviously my work is full of references that merge freely, sometimes quite unexpectedly. Everything we create is influenced by things we have seen, heard or experienced. Its how we perceive all of this that makes things interesting and challenging. People, who deny this by believing in their own originality, simply dont have knowledge of the existing content and the creative process itself. There is nothing wrong and empty in creating new things from existing things. This is also called inspiration.

- Find the continuation of Evelyn Bencicova dans Normal Magazine n°1 and n°9 -

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