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Freedom, Thema #33 Female Male

Within the framework of the Thema Féminin Masculin organized by the national sceneThe Freedom of Toulon, which questions both equality between the sexes and our relationship to gender, Stefanie Renoma presents her exhibition "False pretensefrom April 4 to June 8.


A non-conformist artist, Stefanie Renoma places art at the center of her creative vision. His work is imbued with his influences, in particular the mocking eroticism of the late 70s, messages of freedom and humor. She plays on the body and shapes it by bringing it a sometimes destabilizing ambiguity, intensified by the staging and the ornaments. Her photography plays with mirrors, sleight of hand, a double identity, between assumed femininity and refined masculinity. Dressed but often naked, her mainly black and white photos take us on an artistic journey around the question of gender. The androgyne occupies an important part of his work, he is his standard model, that of ambivalence, the man-woman, the woman-man.


A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Moderne and Esmod, her reflection on the genre continues through her profession as a stylist and artistic director. His revisited tuxedo creations, an essential part of the wardrobe of the androgyne who plays diktats, are anchored in a feminized men's wear style. Feminine elegance that transcends genres, such is the stylistic universe advocated by Stefanie Renoma.


The Thema Féminin Masculin are artists who share their points of view and interact with the public during various events: exhibitions, shows, films, performances, conferences and round tables. The work of Quentin Houdas will notably be exhibited with “Queer”, a series of portraits dedicated to the transversality of sexual identity. Alejandra Carles-Tolra will present her sixth photographic project “meeting with strangers” which questions the relationship between individual and group identity. The event also offers a screening with the 5th edition of short films in freedom on the theme Feminin Masculin on May 13. Spectators will be able to attend a conference on transidentity and wonder about the end of the female/male model during a round table.



From Thursday 04 April 2019 to Saturday 08 June 2019



Grand Hotel, Place de la Liberte, 83000 Toulon


 Tel: 04 98 00 56 76




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