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Known for his heavy silence, his exacerbated loneliness and his sobriety, Gregory Crewdson develops his screenplay, works on his compositions to turn them into scenes of ordinary life. He explores a new genre, centered on the representation of a world based on the artifice of American lifestyles. His photographs offer viewers the other side of the American dream, the dark side of the ideal lifestyle. His photographic scenes, lit with the help of equipment specific to the cinema, are the subject of meticulous elaboration, of a detailed staging. The budgets are huge, each staging is done in the studio and production is managed by decorators, lighting designers and stylists: the sets, streets, woods, interiors are entirely reconstructed and the twilight effects are all artificially recreated.

Gregory Crewdson was born on September 26, 1962 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. Very early on, he showed a certain interest in deep America. After studying photography, he obtained his master's degree in Fine Arts from Yale University. In 2004, he received the first prize for photography at the school of painting and sculpture in Skowhegan. He is now represented by the Gagosian gallery in New York and by the Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris and Brussels. In twenty years, Gregory Crewdson has produced six major photographic series inspired by great masters such as Edward Hopper, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg or David Lynch, both in horror and in science fiction.

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