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Haris Nukem is a young portrait painter from London, who returned to the country as an asylum seeker from Bosnia. Today, the artist attributes to this experience the creativity and avant-garde vision that he depicts in his works, dystopian, dark but always poetic. His works, provocative, stage colorful stories that are part of the complex and exciting social upheavals of our era. From social media to romantic leanings, his photography evokes the ideologies that surround our 21st century world and Generation Z. Nukem creates a living world that reflects the different realities by highlighting the overwhelming noise of humanitys search for meaning.

Characterized by a dark yet flamboyant treatment, his photographs explore the relentless desire to believe in humanity. The models are depicted in unusual environments and the photographer tends to capture people who project a strong aura of rebellion and stories. Its attributes: alternative looks, colored hair, tattoos and piercings, in a dramatic use of contrast where the disturbing and fascinating looks of the protagonists bewitch.

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