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Hervé Lewis is the French photographer who dares. Who has never come across one of his clichés, if only his famous "Aubade" campaigns, these advertising posters plastered in all the alleys, which gave us the tastiest lessons? But behind the image of the rock'n'roll roll fan of American imagery, Hervé is a past master in the art of photography, soft, sensual and full of strength. Hervé has always been a sports aficionado, passionate about bodybuilding and combat sports, passing through other disciplines such as tennis or cycling. The physical aspect has always been a very important criterion for the maestro. He first practiced English boxing, then French boxing. The years pass, Hervé becomes one of the first sports coaches in France, counting among his clients and friends, Johnny whom he rubbed shoulders with and trained for nearly two decades, Mylène Farmer, Jean Reno or even Christy Turlington. Thanks to this discipline, Hervé acquires a real passion for morphologies, in which he finds truths, a desire to understand the workings of the world. He wants to discover the envelope  of each through the study of forms. 


- What do you look for when you create a photograph? 

Through the harmony of an image, there are answers. Beauty is what touches the most in the world. As master Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, said, "it is to make the heart of the universe its own heart", I want to try to understand the truth, and in the form, just as in the human body, there is there is necessarily a truth, in the arches, the vaults, I like what is round, the universe is round, everything is circular. I'm obsessed with arches! There are no two similar morphologies. I also try to find what is unique in a person, not necessarily a model, in women, the truth in the movement and in the roundness.


- Do you have artistic mentors like you have in other disciplines? 
I am not very sensitive to sculpture except that of Rodin. I'm more someone attracted to painting, Bonnard, Degas, pop with Roy Lichtenstein. I also don't have specific music when I shoot, Neil Young_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d 136bad5cf58d_   plutôt    blues_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_   guitare    (rire en nous montrant la pièce filled with guitars), The Eagles, bands that are a bit Californian, soaring... I'm a fan of Japanese art, even the sushi is magnificent, the cooks there are masters, just like the sumo.

- Could you tell us about the history of your photo with sumo?
I have an admiration for Japanese art, art and sumo, sumo is divine, affiliated with Shintoism. I wanted, still in my search for work on strength and sensuality, to have a sumo. Koyo Musashimaru weighs 235 kilos, he is the greatest sumo of all time, he has won the most fights. I contacted his agent, he came and he was adorable. I wanted to put a tiny girl in his arms, to play on this opposition. It's a great memory.

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