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How did you start your modeling career?
I was scouted by an agent when I was 17, but I was very shy and didn't have much self-confidence. So I started when I was 18 because I finally had the courage to go to castings and try new things. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Castings after castings I finally got my first jobs, that's how I started. 


What motivated you?
My family, my friends, love and the beauty of life.


What qualities do you need to have to be a good model?
Punctuality, diversity, and a certain singularity.


Places to relax?
In the garden of the house or by the sea.


Favourite music ? (songs / bands)?
Pretty much anything related to “ old school ”, which dates from before the 60s. My favorite period is the 50s. also likes jazz and blues.   I can't really give a favorite band name because I like too many.


Rather bikini or topless? 
Topless obviously, it avoids marks. 


Your typical day?
A rest day at home, or a rest day when I'm traveling because they are very different. When I'm at home, I always work on the computer, go to the gym, watch a good movie or read a good book; I like when friends or family come by. And when I'm traveling, my typical day off is more filled with adventure, food, and locals. I really try to find out as much as possible when I'm in a place I don't know.


Who are you secretly crushing on?
If I say so, it will no longer be a secret.


A question that you would have liked to be asked?
A question about my hobbies. I take pictures too. My favorite models are insects and caterpillars.


Your projects ?
My main projects revolve around self-development and discovering the world as much as possible.


Your biggest ambition as a model?
Make the cover of Vogue of course!

- Find Ilvy Kokomo, exclusively dansNormal Magazine -

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