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What pushed you into this art?
I did a test shoot with Julie Loen, whose erotic and surreal photos I had noticed during an exhibition. I have been interested for years in erotic art, photos, drawings, books… It seemed natural to me to pursue this path and to pose for this kind of images. It's been the funniest experience I've had in a long time. I loved it, the results were great and I built an online portfolio that quickly caught the attention of photographers in London, Paris and elsewhere. Then I didn't stop. The snowball started rolling faster and faster, I had discovered my new passion!

How did your collaborations with photographers come about?
Posing is my passion, not my job, the time I can devote to it has always been limited, and I had to be very selective. I work with few people. Most of the photographers I pose for now are those I've worked with for years. Only once in a while do I contact someone else. I need to feel really inspired by the visions and the photos, to share the same kind of aesthetic as the photographer to work with him. If I'm curious about his universe to the point of wanting to be part of it, to bring something to it, then I contact him. If the connection is made, we decide to program something.

How do you view the nude  ?
I imagined the nude as something very sexy and exciting. I didn't know it could be so emotionally rewarding, too. A creative outlet that allows you to express yourself, to explore feelings and emotions, to tell stories. Being naked is secondary for me. It's with the nude that I started and I'm used to it, I feel comfortable when I'm naked. More confident than dressed, actually. If I'm doing something explicitly sexual or erotic, being naked or semi-naked is an important part of the experience. It all depends on the shoot. But I love being naked in front of a camera. I'm an exhibitionist, but more importantly, being naked makes me feel more vulnerable and open, which helps me with photos.

You work in cinema, and more specifically in clothing and styling, isn't there a contradiction?
I love cinema and my work as a costume designer. Dressing up others and helping tell stories by finding the right costumes is a lot of fun for me. I always think about clothes for other people. I pose in my spare time, it's my hobby and my passion, something different, the objective is different. I don't need to be naked, but I don't want to worry about my costume when I pose. In fact, I don't have a lot of time, and it's easier to come to a shoot with a pair of shoes and a few dresses than to design a complete costume. Also, I'm a perfectionist, I like to do a lot of things that I just don't have time for. Designing awesome dresses, creating headdresses… One day maybe. But it's a big advantage to have experience in cinema. I think in pictures all the time. And I can always take what I need from the studios in Oslo, if I talk to the photographer in advance. I often bring small objects, sometimes unique old pieces or original clothes that I rent. But I like to use clothes as accessories or as a starting point. Art and erotic photography, that's what I want to do, being nude or semi-nude works best for this kind of images.

What is the border between the nude and eroticism? 
Not really. People see different things as provocative. Some are shocked at the sight of a breast. Everyone has their limits. As far as I'm concerned, I like provocation. And I like to provoke. A good photo makes you feel something. I get a lot of feedback on my photos, and I really appreciate that. Last week I was told that I am not a classic model, that I am bridging the gap between art and quality erotica. "It's great, but maybe a bit too much for ordinary people." I really appreciated the compliment. Someone else told me, “Your photos are provocative and moving in ways that are hard to describe. Feedback like this is truly inspiring. I like to make people feel something.

Is the model the starting point for a photograph?
It depends. Some photographers want to create images with me because of who I am and what I express, and how I look. They work with me if I'm the model they see when imagining the photo, if I have the qualities they need for a certain vision. And in some cases, just the meeting between two people, the chemistry between model and photographer, a mutual inspiration, the connection itself is the starting point.

What do you prefer  about being a model?
Meet interesting artists. Collaborate with good people. Travel. Have an excuse to do crazy stuff. Push the limits. Getting adrenaline rushes after doing something very difficult or a bit dangerous.

Do you feel more wanted since posing nude  ?
Not in my everyday life. Online yes, but it's superficial. I sometimes get compliments for my appearance, it's obviously nice, but to be honest, I prefer when people say they are touched by my photos in one way or another. But definitely, posing made me feel more confident. Not that I changed my view of my appearance, but because of experiences, good or bad. The travels, the challenges, the people I met and the talent I developed. Creating powerful images makes me feel good. Almost at altitude.

Studio or exterior  ? 
It doesn't matter as long as there's something inspiring. Props, nature, atmosphere, sound, light… It's sometimes uncomfortable to shoot outside when it's cold, but in the end, I'm more inspired when I'm in a bit of pain than when I'm too comfortable.

Who would you like to pose for?
Ellen von Unwerth. I think that would be really fun!

What qualities are needed to become a model?
I think important qualities for a model are being adventurous, open-minded, easy-going and not taking things too seriously.

Your bedside book?
Chez Pazienza: Dead Star Twilight

Your main character trait?
Intense. Creative. Funny. Gentle.

Your projects ?
I have already published a photo-book, I have the idea for a next one. I'm also working on a series of miniature dioramas featuring mice in a creepy Victorian atmosphere. It's a huge project that takes a lot of time. But I am very motivated. I make small sculptures, mice, I create costumes and interiors… There is a story for each room, all of them gloomy. I will present the project in 2017. 

The female nude is undoubtedly more successful than the male nude. How do you explain  that?
I can only speak for myself. Men's bodies may be beautiful, but I only have one photobook with male nudes, compared to about fifty with female nudes. I just always liked looking at pictures of women. It is more interesting, more beautiful and sensual. And it's also a question of culture. 

- Find Ingvild Eiring exclusive inNormal Magazine -

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