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Iris' photographs are tableaux vivants. It celebrates classical painters such as Botticelli, Ingres or Rubens but tinged with modernism, where feminine sensuality is revealed and played out on an opulent stage. The composition is classic but the strength of the image is claimed. She wants to show feminine, charismatic and strong women. Her wives are heroines, goddesses, myths… Photographer and director, she lives between New York, London and Paris.


She makes artistic videos and performances. In 2005, she created the multimedia performance Divinta, which was inspired by tableaux vivants by mixing different artistic disciplines such as photography, fashion, music, plastic art and dance to create a “total feminine work of art”. In June 2011, Brosch showed at the Biennale di Venezia her performance Requiem for Women, which is a reminiscence of the violence, persecution and repression suffered by all women since time immemorial. During the 2008 International Festival of Fashion Photography in Cannes, Iris Brosch's photographs were displayed on panels and screens in the Palais des Festivals. In 2010, his photos were exhibited at the All about Colors exhibition in Vienna. 


Do you claim to shoot real women, real people outside the criteria imposed by fashion? Why ?
Yes ! Young, old, strong, plump… I think in the fashion industry we are limited. The danger is to format Barbies and Kens. Everything is the same, everything is homogeneous, there is no individualism, no difference. It is very dangerous for a society to create puppets, women who ultimately look like dolls. You have to create images that look like us, look like me, look like you, look like you. We need to create a healthier society, without this false normative mask.

In your commissioned work, have you ever offered atypical models?
It's very difficult. Some time ago, before rounds were a bit fashionable, I often made proposals, about ten years ago. I wanted to use round women inspired by Picasso's paintings, where women are flying, and I was told that was not possible because Picasso depicted naked women. Now it changes a bit but it's still limited, there are categories:  neither too old nor too big… It's still controlled. I proposed to the NY Times to do a series of women after menopause, something very erotic and I remember the editor in front of me who understood because she herself was in full menopause and the management did not despite everything not wanted or not able. This series of menopausal women, the newspaper has just had it made, by a young Frenchman moreover, with pornstars. It reminds me of Dove, one of the very first commercials with curvy women, directed by Rankin. The problem in this advertisement is that it shows women a-sensual, with big filthy panties. Even with Claudia Schiffer the picture of these panties would have been filthy. Why are they deprived of eroticism? Thanks to Dove, now there are more images of curvy women who are sexy. Why when we show older women, fat women do we have to make them asexual? But it's typical, you have to go slowly. Sometimes I may be too radical! But every proposal was refused, yes. And now I produce myself, I get tired of coming up with ideas that will be taken up while being reframed. The problem today is that we want a lot of framed, formatted things.  10 years ago, 15 years ago we didn't show round women and now it's a fashion , it's repeated and repeated again, we don't renew ourselves anymore, there is no more novelty in photography and especially in fashion photography. Everyone copies themselves.

- Find the continuation of Iris Brosch dansNormal Magazine n°6 -

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