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Julia is a Ukrainian photographer who now lives in Prague. Although she is just 28 years old, her experience and her work are no longer in doubt in the professional photography industry. Not only is Julia beautiful, but her work is even more so. After starting photography a few years ago, she quickly proved herself, and was able to reveal this unique gift, her exacerbated point of view and her innate sense of photography and staging. Beyond the laws of the male gender, she knew how to emancipate herself from codes and protocols. His images are very renowned and easily recognizable.


These photographs are paintings. This grain, this staging where the women play, have fun in the complicity of a licentious scenario. She is attached to black and white which seems to freeze the models in their complicit antics. His style: exclusive nude. His models play and improvise in front of his lens. She transfigures her models, in photography, in the moment. Her models are charismatic, they remain confident in front of the camera. Sometimes naiads, sometimes nymphs, sometimes libertine and shameless courtesans, his women are mysterious. As she confesses, it's not about the nude. The artist does not see herself as a nude photographer but more as someone who captures body and sentimental language. From now on, Julia multiplies the calendars and a hundred publications in different countries such as Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, South Africa or even Greece.


- With this look of a woman and a photographer, what are your beauty criteria?

The true artist must reveal something that inspires him. Fashion is inconstant and fleeting, but beauty and delicacy are eternal. The eternal value for me is feminine beauty. Therefore, precisely with a woman, I show intense emotions that are linked to sensual eroticism. I like charismatic models, they have a tendency to remain in confidence, in front of the camera, to arouse the senses and admiration and to project their charisma.


- Can you tell us about your vision of the nude in your work?

Men and women photographers see differently the female body. Men pay more attention to the more intimate parts, as a kind of claimed dominance, but for a woman, mystery and beauty are most important, hence the nude. But paradoxically, I do not take into account the degree of nudity of the model, the most important thing for me is to have this clairvoyance, a unified and slightly incomplete representation. photographer should leave room for his imagination, not capture a static image. Each of my shots is like a trace left of my emotions and feelings.

- Find the continuation of Julia Skalozub inNormal Magazine n°3 -

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