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Your favorite photographers ?

Of course, I'm a big fan of Peter Lindbergh whom I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet. But in this environment, it's hard to make a choice... There are so many talented people... 


How did you become a model ? 

My mother was in fashion for a while... She did a few fashion shows and was also a photographer. She kept some contacts over the years, which allowed me to be spotted at the age of 15 for a small cosmetics advertising campaign. I was never very attracted to this environment, because at the time, I was very reserved, very tomboy... However, I returned to France after 5 years in Ivory Coast where I , at the age of 17, signed a contract with an agency to pay for my studies. 

Your relationship with your body ?

Today I am very comfortable with my body, even if it was not always the case. I learned to take care of my body (I have a healthy lifestyle) and I learned to accept it. I think it's important to feel good about yourself; and modeling allowed me this despite some criticism. 


You obviously have an ease with the nude, why?  

For me the nude is the most natural and does not necessarily have a sexual connotation. What is more beautiful than a naked body? I have had great debates with people about nudity because nowadays there are those who get naked to attract attention and tend towards the vulgar ... And those like me, who let themselves be guessed and who have a certain "modesty".  But I remain very comfortable with the nude, I have no problem with that. After all, what's wrong with being naked? Nothing... 

Where do you live ? 

I like to say that I live "everywhere"... I have moved so much in recent years... Currently I am in Toulouse, the pink city. It's my childhood city where there is a large part of my family... It's the city of my cœur  where I played a game of my studies... But if I want to progress in modeling, I'm going to have to leave her! And anyway, I don't intend to spend the rest of my life there. 

What are the most frequently asked questions from agencies and industry ? 

They regularly ask me if I'm from Paris and if I'm available. They often ask me about my origins and my background in modeling... In freelance I was often asked for my "rates". 

What are you defending ?

Love! For me, it's the key to everything. 

A place you love ?

Honestly, at the risk of sounding like a grosse lazy, I would say my bed. Oh yes, my bed. 


Rather drunk evening or convivial dinner ?

I have no preferences. As much as I like convivial dinners with my family or with friends. This kind of dinners that last for hours and hours but where the food is really good... As much as I happen to party occasionally, and it's just as pleasant. 

- Find Karen Joigny, exclusively dansNormal Magazine #8 -

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