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Kristian Schuller is a photographer of composition, mastery of lighting, but also precision of movement. A movement that adds energy and texture to these prints: tornadoes of fabric, swirls of smoke, splashes of water, or explosions of powder. Also inspired by old photography, or even by the films of Federico Fellini, Kristian Schuller unquestionably encourages the grandeur of theatricality to find the way to its objective. Countless shots, all in all a brilliant work on which he returns in two books "90 Days One Dream" and "Tales for Oskar". Kristian Schuller is credited with perfect technique and creativity that has illuminated Gisele Bundchen, Amber Arbucci and Heidi Klum in particular. Kristian Schuller is the fashion photographer, who claims to be “no edgy”. Born in Romania, before following his family to Germany. Her early childhood in Eastern Europe had a profound influence on her life and work. Kristian Schuller studied fashion design alongside Vivienne Westwood, a great London fashion designer, but also photography at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin.


After his studies, he hesitated between fashion and photography, and instead of choosing he decided to combine his two ambitions and devote himself to fashion photography. His beginnings materialize, thanks to Isabella Blow, as soon as he joins CondéNast Publications in London. Since then, Kristian Schuller has continued his work internationally for various fashion magazines, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Glamour. Many trips around the world punctuate his life. Today the artist oscillates between London, Paris, New York and Berlin. For this photographer, art imitates life. Kristian Schuller tries to compose extreme images, he is a photographer who likes to think big. The woman and the dream are the major subjects that govern her work. Kristian Schuller erects extremely seductive images, offering a view into the dream world of fashion. We unquestionably recognize the flair for the spectacular of Kristian Schuller, for whom “creativity is always a process”. A process divided by long research, sketches, studies of composition, lighting, model. A perfectionist, the artist pays particular attention to detail. Besides that, it is the theatricality that overflows from his work. Images like true visual odes to the theatre...


Can you describe your style in a few words?
People say I'm not a minimalist! I like to tell stories. I would say that I am more of a narrator; someone who will create a story, like for a movie, who fixes eternity, who captures an image, who captures a moment. I like that there is, just like in the cinema, a before and an after.

Is photography the way to achieve your ambitions in fashion?
I will never reduce my work to the fashion aspect. I come from fashion I don't hide it, I studied fashion design, I'm fascinated by women, but in the end I'm really a photographer! I like the men and women I photograph as they are, but I like that fashion sublimates them, or rather that it underlines them. Fashion is creative, but the central point of my images lies in the person, the model and not what she wears.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I like to listen to the things of everyday life, everything that surrounds me. No matter what happens, it's the little moments, those short moments that you take, and you manage to come up with ideas. I want to create stories, I want to explain and create characters with my stories that will appeal to people.

Your own favorite photo?

- Find the continuation of Kristian Schuller dansNormal Magazine #8 -

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