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Lukas is a very young Czech photographer born in Prague in 1982. He favors black and white, which he contrasts with an innate talent. His photos are characterized by an intense emotivity and a sensual and erotic discharge. The choice of location is as important to him as the choice of model. With him, blacks and whites are more charismatic than the images themselves. They are better storytellers. With Lukas, no studio. In his creations, the surrounding nature is the best revealer and inspiration. No one can dress better than nature, and that is why the female body must be revealed in the same way, without artifice, like a nod to the original woman, a return to the birth of Venus. Lukas has been published in many fashion magazines, such as Harper's Bazaar, Women, Vanity Fair..


- What is the Lukas Dvorak style?
My style is very simple. I;m not looking for originality but I try, I try to make the models as beautiful as possible. And to do this, I look for models that are different from the rules of photography. They must have a living history, a hidden beauty and a singular strength.

- What influences you?
I am a rather complex person. So on the one hand I have my professional life as a photographer, and on the other hand I have a personal life. There are two different worlds. Art, literature, music or cinema have no impact or influence on my qualities as a photographer. What I like is science fiction, rock music, even downright punk and art derived from punk. And in none of my photos will you find anything that contradicts that. Photography may be who I am, deep inside, while music and art are who I dreamily am.

- The part of the female body that you prefer to photograph?
Im more of a face, head person because thats the part where theres the most beauty, the closest to the lips, in my opinion. The lips are magical carnal parts. They can do a lot of things, answer for the world. And they are so sexy when they move.

- Find the continuation of Lukas Dvorak inNormal Magazine n°2;-
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