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In recent years, the Viennese photographer Manfred Baumann has become one of the most influential photographers. His passion for photography began  at barely 10 years old, when his grandfather gave him his first camera, a Praktika. His grandfather, who worked as a photographer himself, was Manfreds mentor, before he developed a real passion and took up landscape photography in his early years. But the path to recognition is not easy. After studying management and business, Manfred worked as an assistant for an Austrian photographer.

At first he focused mainly on artistic nude photography, a fascination attached to describing individuals and sublimating them as much as possible. Its ambition is to break with received ideas. According to him, a photograph taken perfectly in a technical way is not necessarily a good photograph.  Then, he discovered the importance of creating desires in the viewer, revealing stories and making narratives. When the viewer observes an image, he must be able to find something new every time he looks at it. Already Adams and Newton have pointed this out, but Manfred follows the masters in these observations. Manfred knows how to shape erotic women, emphasizing their charisma and beauty. Each of his paintings exudes an erotic tension that envelops the viewer in a tactile, almost palpable experience, inviting the viewer to daydream. of the portrait: Roger Moore, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, or even Sylvester Stallone. Now Manfred has a wide range of different subjects, just like his model Helmut Newton: three favorite themes are the nude, the portrait of celebrities and the landscape.


- How to choose the right image?
The subjects of my photographs are already planned, imagined and considered before even shooting. The staging is already thought out with all the details. The work is then much more efficient and you dont have to take too much time on set or have to select too many photos, if you know what you want before you even show it to the viewer!


- Why do you mainly shoot in black and white?
Because black and white is simply timeless and reductive, thats what I really like and I like to go back to the roots of photography.


- What do you hate in photography?
The wedding photographs!


- The standard model at Manfred Baumann?
The model must be charismatic, he must be photogenic, have the ability to seize, to capture attention. He must be dynamic, with a conscience and must work professionally.

- Find the continuation of Manfred Baumann inNormal Magazine n°3

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