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- Meet Mélanie Thierry, exclusively dansNormal Magazine #10 -

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You shot with Paolo Roversi, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Peter Lindbergh who are great photographers. As these shoots progressed, did you feel more free in relation to your body, less shy?

When I was young, I had a lot of fun when I took pictures, I loved the attention I was given and especially the story that was told. Creating a story, inventing it and then following it is something that always appeals to me. With hindsight, I think it was only those photographers who really offered a story and that most of the time I took photos that didn't tell much, which causes a certain boredom, a some resistance. What I like with Lou is that she allows you to take the time to invent an atmosphere, a real story, and that's where she joins the photographers with whom I liked to take photos. .

Were you aware that at the time, these photographers were already considered legends?

Yes. The 90s were the years of the top models, they were on all the covers of magazines. There was excitement around the models and I followed fashion very closely because I loved it and it made me dream. Therefore I necessarily knew their photos.

You mentioned the relationship to the body according to age, has this relationship evolved?

Yes. Honestly, I told myself that if I had to take nude photos, it was now and not in 15 years. I feel completely in tune with my body and my femininity. I accept what goes and what goes less ! I have a woman's body, with its flaws, but I like it. After two children the body inevitably changes but today my body speaks to me much more than when I was younger. Between 14 and 16, I was very comfortable with my body. I thought I was quite cute. It is with the world of fashion that I have developed some complexes. They point out your flaws, that your legs aren't long enough, etc. Little details like that, thrown around by the people in the business. Fashion people don't do lace. I had a time when I was more fragile, more sensitive, some of these words sometimes destabilized me. But over time, we bounce back.

As a model, what do you try to share with the photographer: strength? Sensuality? Spontaneity?

It's all a bit spontaneous ! We seek to produce images that remain in time, that evoke something, that provoke a sudden emotion. I absolutely do not seek to fill the pages of magazines but to create real stories.

- Meet Mélanie Thierry, exclusively dansNormal Magazine #10 -

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