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- Meet Miki Hamano, exclusively dansNormal Magazine -

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Why did you become a model?
Shortly after starting my university here in the United States, a classmate asked me to pose for his project. The photos were excellent! Until then, I never thought I could become a model.


Your main character trait?
I am very adventurous !


Is being a model being an exhibitionist?
It is if you want it to be, I suppose. But for me, being a model is more about being a collaborator. It's always a great moment when the magic happens! I enjoy collaborating with talented people and producing unique images. 


A guilty pleasure?
I tried to reduce the sugar... so... Donut's (Laughs)!


Worst thing as a model?
I wouldn't say the worst but I wish I could eat more !


The best ?
Meet new people ! Many of my close friends now are people related to photography. Their creativity inspires me to do my best.


A place to relax ?
I like a good hike, especially near water.


Does nudity in photography mean sexualization?
Definitely not. Anyone who draws this conclusion is uninformed, and a lot of people think so, especially on Instagram. But I can't change that. When I'm happy with the job, it doesn't matter (Laughs)


For you, the ultimate bad taste ?
You should read some of the Instagram messages I get...


The first thing you do when you wake up?
Walk around the neighborhood and go to my favorite cafe.


Your biggest ambition as a model?
Create and share inspirations!


Your favorite pastime?
To eat ! And hiking. I have a small garden in my apartment and I spend a lot of time there otherwise ! 

- Meet Miki Hamano, exclusively dansNormal Magazine -

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