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Rath enjoys irritating, provoking, amusing: he exhibits his models with phallic objects, naked women in niqabs with erected sexes, firearms from an azimuted universe and other absurd flea market accessories with the backdrop of the Current quirky Berlin. His photography is anarchic, unfinished and obscene in a desire to combine the beautiful with the ugly. His image is urban and quirky, sometimes trashy and vulgar, sometimes elegant and elaborate, he bets on provocation. His language, his narrations are rough and raw, without any compromise, like a slap in the face. Oliver Rath was born on April 14, 1978 in Heidelberg, Germany. Self-taught, he learned everything by himself or with the help of video tutorials on Youtube. Oliver Rath;s grandfather, Heinrich Siegfried Wöhrlin, was a famous composer, musician and director of the Kehler Kammerchororchesters. Olivers story is that of a young man who completely changed his life at the age of 31. Young, he moved to Freiburg im Breisgau and worked as a producer in the music industry for twenty years. DJ, he is then known under the nickname Al Kapone in the nocturnal circles. Tired of the environment, he then began to take photographs.

Arrived in Berlin, he invested all his business in photographic equipment and then started his blog. Very prolific, he publishes two to four photos every day. Today his blog is viewed 20,000 times a day. He uses this tool as a support to show his life and his art: portraits, fashion or nude. At the same time, he sells his paintings in exhibitions and takes control of the fashion industry. He then became a renowned advertising campaign photographer for companies around the world, such as Gala, Focus, New York Times, Rolling Stone magazine, Marlboro Russland or Microsoft. He has worked with the greatest: fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Ellen Von Unwerth, Eva Padberg, Dieter Hallervorden and Franziska Knuppe In August 2012, he launched his own gallery Rath Gallerydevoted to photography and contemporary art in center of Berlin, “Der Welthauptstadt der Kreativen” or “the world capital of creative people”, according to the Berliner Zeitung. He has completely settled there and lives there with his wife and daughter Matilda.


- How are the shootings with Oliver, with drugs?

On a shoot I;m not as relaxed as it seems. When people are under the influence of drugs they are often like in a show. People on drugs are difficult to maneuver in my opinion. As I am a very impatient person, I want an almost immediate result, the best result, so it is better in the end to work without drugs!


- If you could trade your life with someone for a day, who would it be?

A day in the shoes of Tim Burton, that must not be bad!


- Your best joke?
- Hi ? - Where ?


- Your type of model?
If someone is unable to show feelings and be open during a shoot, then he or she is in the wrong place. In this case I would prefer to photograph animals, they never pretend!


- Could you have been a war photographer?
I admire war photographers, and more the maximum adrenaline they can develop. But one day you get used to what you do and it will become a part of you, and I dread that!

- Find the continuation of Oliver Rath inNormal Magazine n°3;-

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