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Peter Coulson is the photographer of blacks, deep and intense blacks for a theatrical rendering and a deliciously dramatic tension. The women are placed in abyss, like modern goddesses, their gaze frozen, imperturbable. The style is striking, the decorations are minimalist, even rare. The space formed by her studio, on a white background, is mostly empty, to bring the viewer to focus on the model and on the most important part: the eyes, the very essence of the image. With Peter there is no eroticism or heightened sensuality. The women do not smile, they are pagan beauties, icy, young, virgins with emaciated faces, modern nymphs. Peter, inspired by people, places, objects, events in the world, but above all by light, takes care of the rendering of emotions. Peter Coulson currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, where he was born in 1961. He specializes in beauty, fashion and what he calls fetishized photography. According to him, each of his photos is a mixture of sensuality, strength, mystery and elegance, thoughtful and inspired by his personal reflections and decided concepts. When Peter takes a photo, he looks for negative spaces, shadows, simplicity and the possibility of telling a multitude of stories in a single image. His photography is influenced by artists like Ansel Adams, Patrick Demarchelier, Irving Penn, Peter Lindbergh, or Helmut Newton… Peter tries to capture a story, a movement or an emotion in a unique frame. His great victory: the fascination of the spectator in front of this image, his impossibility to detach himself from it.


Can you describe your style as one of your friends would?
I don't know how to answer, but I think they would say that I make images that force you to think, to reflect. Even if it is just a portrait, there is always a truth in the look.

Is your approach to fashion photography the same as your personal style?
Yes if I can do it my way. So the approach, the style will be the same. Clothing and dress are never the most important for me in a photo. The main thing is the story and the emotion.

How did you start photography?
My first experience, my first relationship with photography was during a Chuck Berry concert, when I borrowed my fathers Minolta. Then I photographed musicians and concerts during tours. And the passion grew over time, I wanted to create something, I think. I have no gift for singing or painting, but photographing, that I knew how to do! I needed a way and a medium to express myself. I am self-taught. I enrolled in a photography school when I finished high school but got kicked out because I kept asking “why? My questions could never be answered and it was more than frustrating not to have an answer. Afterwards, I went to a sound engineering school. Photography became a hobby and continued to be a hobby throughout this period. When I needed photographs in my line of work, I shot them myself, and from there I went into commercial photography. One day, a magazine came to ask me for photos in my style, and it all started from there.

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