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We are pleased to present our latest book, highlighting the work of Laurent Benaim.
We cared about youto warn of the brutal, pornographic and particularly disturbing character of this fetishist work in black & white with bichromate gum.

We admire and support the work of an artist hailed by critics, guest of the media, holder of numerous titles and whose rating rivals some of the greats of this discipline. His latest book, published byTaschen to 20,000 copies is now sold out.
Far from our classic publications, this limited edition, witness to a practice on the fringe, should not be compared to our previous ones.As fervent admirers of the body, we have always marveled at the multitude of possible nudes, from the most classic Jeanloup Sieff to the most obscure Joel Peter Witkin. For us, this book has more than its place in this collection.

Endorphine - The Book

€ 50,00Price
  • 250 pages, 24x34 cm,

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